The Deliveroo for Fashion

Fashion Hero supports the local economy by making available fashion products from small boutiques in a single marketplace. Apart from offering users a vast choice of articles every day, Fashion Hero removes logistics barriers by ensuring delivery within two hours. Fashion Hero revolutionizes the idea of last-minute shopping. Taking care of the startup's innovative idea was our priority. From the very beginning, we helped in defining the value proposition. Later, we were in charge of the branding, the development of digital products such as an iOS / Android app, as well as offline materials such as rollups, flyers, and branded shopping bags.

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A new challenge for the retail industry

Fashion Hero was born as a spin-off of “Voghera Rappresentanze”, a well-established company, that is a leader in fashion distribution. Initially, together with the Founders, we worked on defining the value proposition of the project. Identifying the competitive advantages and the user personas helped to define the best market position strategy for the brand that offers fast delivery and wide products range.

user persona
user persona
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UI components

We designed the Brand Identity, aiming to achieve a fresh and dynamic look that could stand out from the crowded e-commerce industry. In order to create the right image that resonates with the young audience, we used bold shapes, vibrant colors, and creative layouts. The brand we created communicates that the business is reliable. The eye-catching, bold, and avant-garde product gives an impression that it's not afraid to take risks.


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A tradition that embraces the digital era

Part of the challenge was to create a product that fully enhances the solution to typical scenarios: urgency, last-minute shopping, and the need for an easy purchase. And all of this without the hassle of having to go to the store. By using the latest technologies available on the market, as well as, the know-how of our team, we were able to provide the customer with a pleasant, dynamic, and tailor-made shopping experience.

Don’t miss out on features.

Every detail of the UX was thoughtfully designed to make Fashion Hero's features look great on the UI. One of the app's features is the possibility to return the product upon delivery if not satisfied. To achieve the best user experience for the customers, the checkout page has been designed to be clear and informative.

Cart Screen UI
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All ready for lead generation

A pleasant and intuitive landing page is essential to increase lead generation. Besides presenting the services Fashion Hero offers, this page includes a contact form for users who would like to be updated on its release, as well as for retailers who would like to become a Fashion Hero partner. Any doubts? Visit the website

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Offline strategy

The project has been supported by us up until the stage of designing and creating the printing materials. Every business utilizes at least one offline channel, whether it is a brochure or a roll-up to be exhibited at fairs and events. To make the most of the customer experience we designed stickers to mark Partner Stores and the packaging used for shipments. Always putting the customer first.