Quality & Testing

Quality matters to our partners, and it matters to us. No matter what kind of projects we are working on, we hold true to our standards of quality assurance.

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Your product is in good hands.

No matter what kind of projects we are working on, we hold true to our standards of quality assurance. After each milestone, our Quality Assurance team will review utilisation, coverage, and results with the client. We make our testing process clear and transparent with the help of regular progress reports and test tracking tools.

Test Runs

Regular TestRail reports show the number of test runs and their results: passed, blocked, retest, failed, not ready, skipped, or fix in progress.

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Crash live video

Our tools provide us with crash reports with real video of all user actions, communication with the backend and system state that led to the problem.

Top-level metrics

We use Firebase Analytics to track metrics on users, sessions, and crash-free users, or the percentage of daily active users that had a crash-free experience on a given day.

Real device testing

We run your app on a variety of real devices that we select based on manufacturer, operating system, and popularity in your target market.

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Type of tests

We choose types of testing depending on the project specifics. Our QA specialists test both frontend and backend components.

Functionality testing

Functionality testing verifies that features look and work as expected according to design specifications and ensures that bugs are caught quickly. Functionality is tested by feeding the app input and examining its output.

Compatibility testing

Compatibility testing evaluates the application’s compatibility with different devices, operating systems, browsers, and platforms. We also check how the app performs under different network conditions.

Interruption testing

Interruption testing is performed to test how an app will react to an interruption and how it resumes its previous state. Interruptions can include incoming phone calls, low battery, network connection loss and re-connection, update reminders, etc.

Automation testing

Test automation automates some repetitive but necessary parts of the testing process. Automated testing takes less effort than manual testing, but we use automation tools only on large projects and always combine them with manual testing