A new way to travel

Skycab is a private air transport service that thanks to an app and a network of local pilots provides an alternative solution to the existing transport in Italy (and someday in all Europe). Apart from creating the iOS app, we built a landing page that showcases the product and also explains...

The process

We started with leading the founders through the methodical study of the problem that helped us with crystalizing the "value proposition". In the next step, we identified and validated the assumptions of the business model. In the final step of the process, we confronted the hypotheses with desired features and selected the minimum requirements of our MVP (Minimum Viable Product). The whole process is outlined in our MVP Decision Map.

Step 1
Value Proposition Definition
Step 2
Hypothesis Validation
Step 3

Brand identity

Once we discovered the main characteristics of the app, we worked on Skycab's brand identity starting from the logo. After exploring several concepts and designs, we have decided to focus on an icon with a minimal, essential look that expresses dynamism and represents the service offered effectively.

Skycab's strengths


Compared to other means of transport - possibility to schedule flights

Exclusivity and safety

There is no danger of crowding either at the airport or in the cabin.

Affordable price

Compared to private jets or air taxis

Alternative routes

Possibility to fly even between small minor airports

Strong design

As with all our products, we love to pay particular attention to the details of the UI and its look & feel. Each element, such as the typography, the iconographic choice, the illustrations, and the color palette are the subject of careful investigation and evaluation.

01. font

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

02. cta (call to action)
03. color palette
Cotton White
04. iconogrAPhy
05. forms
Crea password
Conferma password
06. illustrations

Go-to-market strategy and launch

The first product published was the landing page. Once online, with less than € 100 budget spent on Facebook Ads, we received over 30 applications from pilots offering their services in different parts of Italy. Shortly after, we launched the app accompanied by a marketing campaign on Facebook Ads with a weekly budget of € 200. The results? Incredibly surprising. In 3 weeks (August 3-23, 2020) with a € 600 budget and without a user base, we have obtained:


(CPC  €0.05)


app downloadS
(CPI €0.24)

+ 350

registered USERS (CPC  €0.05)


(Total of €1.756)

Responsiveness is our hallmark

We took care of every detail of this project, making sure that the user experience on the web was easy and pleasant. We optimized the website to make navigation smooth on all devices without resolution loss. What is more, we dedicated the same attention to the mobile application. It’s our strong belief that a clear and captivating landing page is the first step towards converting a visitor to an active user interested in the product.

Download the app and enjoy the pleasure of a unique flight