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Nightlife is not just having fun and dancing until the early hours of the morning. It's also hours of queuing, lengthy discussions about where to go, chasing PR person to get the last tickets. Toonight is the app that was created to revolutionize the world of evening and night events.

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The main goal was to create a tool for a young and vibrant audience interested in nightlife entertainment. We helped the founders to shape an idea and build a set of digital products that would allow them to meet the needs of people enjoying various nightlife events. The tool not only supports the party people, but also the owners of the venues that host exclusive events and the security managers at the entrances.

The challenge

After a first phase, which was brainstorming on the purpose of the project, we identified various deliverables necessary for MVP such as conception and design of a dynamic and youthful logo resonating with the industry; research and identification of target users by creating user personas; user interface design and development of a mobile app for end-users (called Clubbers), one for club owners, and finally a landing page that would allow the founders to sponsor the startup and acquire new users and partners.

Behind the logo

We created a logo that communicates the concept of ticket booking and nightlife! We made it recognizable by giving it personality and an original, distinctive form: bold and vibrant colors, pure and characteristic shapes and colors. All of that fits in with the concept of the digital product for vibrant young people.

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Stunning user experience

The system we designed consists of two synchronized mobile applications, respectively for Clubbers and Club Owners, each with a user experience that meets specific needs. In both cases, we divided the work into two phases. Firstly, we mapped and designed low-fidelity wireframes, shared them with the client to validate the relevant flows and features. Secondly, we implemented the user interface and created graphic assets to share with developers.

graphical user interface

Bold visual language

Using impactful communication and graphic style we managed to differentiate the brand from various competitors in the market. Vibrant colors reflect the atmosphere of nightlife and bold fonts are in line with the young audience. The finishing touches are captivating photos that complete an artistic direction fully reflecting the ambition of the startup.

a person on a stage with a crowd watching
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a person singing into a microphone
a crowd of people at a concert
nuovi locali
14/16 pt
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toonight illustration
toonight illustration
toonight illustration
toonight illustration
toonight illustration
toonight illustration
toonight illustration
toonight illustration
toonight illustration
toonight illustration

Buy tickets and skip queues

Thanks to the Toonight app for clubbers, it is possible to get tickets for the most exclusive events at local clubs. You simply choose your location, pick the event and buy tickets for yourself and/or a group of friends paying directly in the app. All that's left to do is go to the venue and enjoy the evening. Is that all? That's right, each ticket purchased in the app is linked to a QR-code which, shown at the entrance, guarantees the advantage of skipping queues and avoiding long waits. But it does not end there! With every check-in, you accumulate Toonight points that later can be redeemed in the app as fantastic prizes.

CLUB owners app

A smart way to manage tickets

Toonight doesn't offer a neat solution exclusively for Clubbers. In fact, we also created a mobile app for Club Owners thanks to which they can manage access to their venue. With the QR-code system used for the tickets, door supervisors are able to limit admission to only those with tickets, thus avoiding the chaos of the lists.

club owner viewing clubber details
Club owner main screen
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Explore with us

Ready for the launch

An attractive and dynamic landing page is an excellent tool for gaining visibility on the web. It's not only strengthening your image but also attracting new users and potential partners. Apart from providing the audience with a clear idea of the offered service, the landing page gives users the opportunity to receive release updates of the app through a contact form. At the same time, a dedicated CTA allows Club Owners interested in the product to book a call with the startup founders and become part of the Toonight community.

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